From Jen Hofer,



so ravelly

so as not to recognize

( there is a future)

prevention in ounces

or might beladtedly

of difference in hands

middle distance suspension

to the side

petit mal

inexplicable to the side

crotched and caught



in years

there is a future

by he side of the road

painted red patently

not visible yet

impatient out of it

framed in numbers

light pollution obscures

on a hill

my beautiful friend

caged above traffic

what didn´t happen

no reasons to want to

until the cops showed up

and tribulations, social ills

in the hands of

will not show the evidence

on the railroad tracks

not even one

smooth as a seal

has elapsed


think it

there is one

will pass, pussywillow

*ya no es enero pero el poem rifa: el de febrero estará a tiempo.

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