optical parity


The words are inadequate.

How are we made to see.

Will me edit the feeling out.


imagine another body inside your body , a relationship,
another body inhabiting(habiting) your body just under the body surface

the bodily surface .the climate of the drama persists after you.,

it seems we cannot get out of our skin.


replaced by blue light memory

burdens wrought works here

formerly happenings use to

covered over completely or light lit in

arbitrary yet significant because arbitrated

(two figures) in corners or trees

widening the way or view

( two figures walking away)

on a coach by a lake

hand in hand my ideas

carrying around in a bucket


is not unscarred so as undecided sandy clemency to retain

some image, some regard ( the missing linguistics course)

( every copy slight difference) and indeed who are you

numbered not to refrain but to be a member of a choir and

color absent and without warning voiced in almost quick

moment your body outlines my me as is my hand

In terms of silence.

As in prison or medical terminology.

We will edit the words.

Our sight feels inadequate.


retrieves not raw product downscreen from missed

opportunity while someone else was looked like a lit but

borders cough again could be a floor or force faster now

and less certain

no moment is given, has been said

before, the importance of “ process”

- Jen Hofer

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