Quotation marks

My friends keep flying
as we were over the Campidoglio
among lysergic delicacies

So I already know it´s hard work working with me
alone along my own and fancy maze
and to recognize me once & again
the way I´d like to be:
my living portrait shot by Robet Capa
Changing within the second
always miles ahead
but not ahead of me as it used to be

It´s hard it´s hard I know
but I keep my head up
and act like a not so Great Gatsby
but so in love blowing my score of love
feeling feelings of free life around you and me
cheetahs buffalos rhinoceri in flames
and I shooting you from the top of a giraffe
while an elephant licks you into shape

Poplicity I know
but I can work out/freak it out
surely because
sometimes many time I´m a blue monk
sometimes many times I´m a red sinner

- mario trejo

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