El experimento de las 3:15

¿De la mañana o de la tarde?¿Escritura automática? ¿ Ataques deliberados de sonambulismo? ¿Un pretexto para excribir? ¿Estados alternos de conciencia? Chequélo usted mismo click aquí, y busqué los textos para el 2006..
En tanto: la introducción o lo que titulé,
[About writing words proceeding from inner distances]

This is my first participation in the 3:15 experiment, this is so special because is the opening of my own writing cycle: something with a lot of possibilities. In the summer of 2006 I was participating in the LFE/ WLB, Jen Hofer was the third instructor, she named her workshop Strange and Stranger: The Poetics of Translation, also she gave a beautiful, marvelous, and unforgettable conference named Writing when writing is impossible , that conference made feel irrepressible love and passion for poetry, for the voice, for the word. Moreover, she leaf us, like she said, with a tool box, for produce our, eventual, own writing.

Hope all of that works now. Like seeds that now are growing in an imaginary, or real, place. I don’t remember when the first time that I wrote in another language was. I don’t see myself writing poems in English. I don’t remember my writing in other language. The true is that waking up at 3:15 fro write was something strange, terrific, magical in itself, certain magnetism, certain echo, certain consciousness. All that is special, because I remember that during the LFE/WLB, we spent six weeks talking about the writing process, the writing in itself, not only the word but also about crossings. Our own crossings. We had the privilege of made language a complex crossing: like it is in reality. Or what we call reality. The geographic location ( Tijuana/ San Diego). The personal experiences: all of that was the whole crossing ( maybe a crossing from the you to the I and vice versa ).

Finally, thanks to Jen Hofer , for this great opportunity to write and to show that writing to others. My appreciation and thanks for Liz Collins- facilitator of this year-. Both, thanks and gratitude for Tod Mc Coy- webmaster of the 3:15 Experiment-.

We inside ouserlves and others within us run an enormous distance everyday” Milorad Pavic, the Inner Side of the Wind , hero.

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